The last version of the “Jekyll & Hyde – The Musical” DVD released in US.
“Jekyll & Hyde – The Musical” was released in 2006 and is still available in United States.
La dernière version du DVD “Jekyll & Hyde – The Musical” sortie aux états unis.
“Jekyll & Hyde – The Musical” est sorti en 2006 et est toujours disponible aux états unis.

Act I

Lost in the darkness
Pursue the truth
Facade (reprise 1)
Emma’s reason
I must go on
Take me as I am
Letting go
Facade (reprise 2)
No one knows who I am
Good ‘n’ evil
Now there is no choice
This is the moment
First transformation
Your work and nothing more
Sympathy, tenderness
Someone like you

Act II

Murder, murder
Once upon a dream
In his eyes
Dangerous games
Facade (reprise 3)
The way back
A new life
Facade (Reprise 4)

David Hasselhoff - Jekyll & Hyde - The Musical

David Hasselhoff - Jekyll & Hyde - The Musical