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Archive for January 28th, 2011

Discover on this DVD some David Hasselhoff’s new songs before the release of the upcoming new album “A Real Good Feeling”!!
“The Hoff is Back” was released in 2010.
Découvrez sur ce DVD quelques unes des nouvelles chansons du nouvel album de David Hasselhoff “A Real Good Feeling” qui sera disponible dans quelques semaines !!

“The Hoff is Back” est sorti en 2010.

1. This is the moment
2. Feeling good
3. Is eveybody happy
4. Let’s dance tonight
5. Torero – Te quiero
6. Hooked on a feeling
7. Raindrops keep falling on my head
8. What I did for love
9. Everybody sunshine
10. Rhinestone cowboy
11. Flying on the wings of tenderness
12. After Manana mi ciello
13. Jump in my car
14. Do the limbo dance
15. This time around
16. I’ll be here with you
17. Crazy for you
18. Looking for freedom

Bonus tracks:

1. Bella Vida: “Turn up the radio” Bei the dome 55 (ein Beitrag von RTL II)
2. David auf den Spuren seiner ahnen auf dem Hassel-hof in Völkersen (ein Beitrag von RTL exclusiv)

David Hasselhoff - The Hoff is Back

David Hasselhoff - The Hoff is Back

The film “Friendship!” on DVD, German version. The film is available on this DVD only in german.
This version of “Friendship! (German Version)” was released in 2010.
In this film, David Hasselhoff makes a small appearance in the beginning of the film, funny!
Le film “Friendship!” en DVD, version allemande. Le film est disponible uniquement en allemand sur ce DVD.
Cette version de “Friendship! (Version Allemande)” est sorti en 2010.
Dans ce film, David Hasselhoff fait une courte apparence au début du film, amusant!

Friendship! (German Version)

Friendship! (German Version)